Since 2017

4 challenging and amazing years on the market

We began as a start-up with a bunch of dreams in its pocket. It has been 4 complex and creative years full of innovation.

What’s in our arsenal?
Glad you asked.

We use cutting edge approaches and technologies available in the world such as deep learning with intensive synthetic data usage and domain adaptation.

We also develop our own tools to help us and the scientific community address the most challenging problems.


A team of people with diverse and deep background

In four years we grew to a team with everyone in its stack: developers, mathematicians, analysts, coders, designers. And we keep growing.

ivan drokin

founder of the company / CEO / CSO

Expert in the field of machine learning with more than 10 years of experience. Ivan has a rich multidisciplinary experience in robotics, computer vision, applications for manufacture, BioTech, and MedTech. He is a co-founder of  Botkin.AI – one of the most successful projects in Russia that applies computer vision in MedTech. 

Author of scientific inventions, articles, participant of lots of international scientific conferences. Teaches at the leading Russian universities as a guest lecturer. Made a significant contribution to science popularisation and to machine learning.


GANs ‘N Lungs: improving pneumonia prediction

Data Augmentation with GAN: Improving Chest X-Ray Pathologies Prediction on Class-Imbalanced Cases


Medical technologies: whom and how exactly does AI cure?

alexandr artamonov


Alexandr is an expert in software development and project management (PMP, PSM, CMMI). He was the head of international project for leading companies all around the world (Arrival, LG, Springer, Deutsche Telekom). Alexandr has an extensive experience in team formation, management of high uncertainty level projects, R&D project management. He is the author of scientific articles. In the past, Alexandr was teaching software development, cryptography, and steganography in Polytechnic University in Saint Petersburg. 


Coverage Path Planning with Proximal Policy Optimization in a Grid-based Environment

Oleg bukhvalov

Co-founder / executive director

Oleg has a more than 15 years of experience in IT, including multidisciplinary projects. He has an extensive experience in leading roles. Oleg was taking part in developing multi-agent systems, systems of intellectual management for manufacturing, logistics, robotics. He is an expert in creating product-oriented teams, managing technical competence, organisational transformation. Oleg is a co-founder of Botkin.AI – one of the most successful projects in Russia that applies computer vision in MedTech. 

For more than 10 years, Oleg has been doing research work and teaching. He is the author of scientific inventions and articles. Oleg actively participates in business events. Main topics of his lectures include getting the best result while managing R&D, organisational transformations based on application of new technologies. 

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