Since 2016

4 challenging and amazing years on the market

We began as a start-up with a bunch of dreams in its pocket.
It has been 4 complex and creative years full of inovation.

What's in our arsenal?
Glad you asked.

We use cutting edge approaches and technologies available in the world such as deep learning with intensive synthetic data usage and domain adaptation.
We also develop our own tools to help us and the scientific community address the most challenging problems.

Meet the GardenCrew

16 people with diverse
and deep background

In four years we grew to a team with everyone in its stack:
developers, mathematicians, analysts, coders, designers.
And we keep growing.

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Wanna join?

We are always in search for a great talent in all fields of studies. If you are interested in working with us as a part of our team, press this button.