In upcoming years, European University in Saint Petersburg and Hermitage State Museum are going to join forces creating a brand-new school of Art and Cultural legacy. BrainGarden has become an official technological partner of this new international school together with such companies as Yandex and Genotech. As a part of this program, our team together with Yandex co-created Art + AI Lab (“Laboratory I3”). «The team of the Lab believes that AI should become a simple and comprehensible tool for cultural heritage research. It should not, however, substitute subjective human perception. On the contrary: it will allow us to expand it with objective machine vision, to simplify and speed up monotonous workflow of art researchers, e.g. classification and attribution of art objects or painting layer research», – states the official press release of the European University

BrainGarden contributed to the project with analysis and research of a current state of Computer Science tools application in various fields of Art: curatorial studies, art history, modern art. Besides this, we helped to establish the concept and initial team for the Lab, which is a part of a aforementioned Art School.

We hope that this partnership will lead to lots of inspiring and significant projects for society.